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$25 for 25 Years

Hayden Capela's Fundraising Page

 Happy Anniversary to the National Fragile X Foundation!

    Twenty-five years ago, the NFXF became a light of hope for countless families like ours. Hayden was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome 3 years ago this month (November 2006), and we did not know what FXS was. We learned that this syndrome does not discriminate, and is not prevalent in any one race or ethnicity. FXS can be in any family even if you've never heard of it. Or even if you have.

    Without the support of research foundations such as the NFXF, our joy and pride in being Hayden's parents may not have had the strength to outweigh our concerns. The NFXF has helped to fill our hearts with hope, while Hayden's progress reminds us it's there. In honor of this Foundation's milestone, our fundraiser page will be active until June 1st of 2010-- the month of Hayden's 5th birthday. Donating through this website is convenient and completely secure. This Anniversary event suggests 25 dollars for 25 years. However, please remember that even the smallest of contributions can have a huge impact! 

Why 25 Dollars for 25 Years?

Beginning in 2010, the NFXF is embarking on an early diagnosis initiative, spreading awareness and educating pediatricians and other professionals to better recognize the early signs of FXS. Proceeds from this campaign will help lower the age that children are diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome.

    We are beyond grateful for your continued support. We would also like to thank you in advance for forwarding this to anyone else who may be interested in this important cause. Simply copy and paste this link in an email:  http://www.firstgiving.com/haydencapela 

These are not Fragile X children, but rather children with Fragile X. It is our humanity that defines us first.

You can ask questions completely anonymously, by visiting http://www.formspring.me/fragilex

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Hayden Capela's Fundraising Page
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