Heather Canner's Fundraising Page


Boston Marathon 2010 - Team Brigham

Boston, Massachusetts

Heather Canner's Fundraising Page

I have always been an avid runner and competed in many races over the past 5 years, including running the Boston Marathon twice.  This year I have been given the opportunity to run for more than the finish line.  Training in the dead of winter for Boston is mentally and physically grueling, however knowing that all of my efforts and your generosity will help support a greater cause makes every muscle cramp and frozen long run worth it.

When you support my training you will be donating to the Ellen P. Gabriel Breast Cancer Fund established in 1994 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  The fund supports research efforts by BWH scientists and physicians as they forgeahead to develop and improve treatments and therapies for our oncology patients. It also serves as an important source of funding for family support programs, community outreach,and continuing education for oncology nurses.

I would like to thank everyone in advance and please know that your support, whether monetarily or through your encouragement, will be greatly valued!

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