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Race for Their Lives 2010

Gifford Pinchot State Park, Pennsylvania
Training buddies Isabella, Thumper, and Benjamin

Heather Champion's Fundraising Page

Dear Friends and Family

On Sept 18th I will be racing for Furry Friends Race for their Lives - raising money to help abandoned dogs and cats living in foster care.  I have volunteered with Furry Friends for the past few years and can guarantee that every dollar you donate goes 100% to the care of the animals.  This is an all volunteer organization so every penny donated goes to providing medical care, food, supplies, training, etc for the animals. 

This year we are racing for our black beauties, the last to be adopted and the first to die, just because their fur is black.  As a volunteer I can vouch for the truth in this. I can't even count the number of times people applying to adopt a dog have said they don't want a black dog. A short video that shows the sadness of this fact can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Dyxo1Y-lkg

I had planned to race with my black beauty Isabella, however as we were preparing for the race she injured herself and now can only do the 2 mile walk that is part of the event.  As such her sibling Thumper will be filling in for her to run the 5K with me.

Thumper and I are running in honor of our former foster Astro (now Lance), as well as Jedi, Puma, Colonel, Rocky, King, and all the other black beauties who have been rescued and for all those still sitting in shelters hoping to be spared and find their forever home.

I ask that you please consider a donation to support my run.  We all have very worthy causes I realize, but even a small contribution will make a difference.  These animals did not ask to be born and they cannot speak for themselves.  They are abused, starved, and neglected, yet they will show loyalty and love to anyone who helps them.

This year I am trying to raise $3000 - it's a big goal but the funds are greatly needed. 

Thank you for considering supporting my run and for the animals you will help to save!

 With much gratitude,
Training with:
Isabella, 4yr old black lab mix
Thumper, 6 yr old beagle mix
Benjamin, 2 yr old beagle mix
Team Champion:
Heather Champion
Steve Post
Jossie Munoz
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Heather Champion's Fundraising Page
Isabella, Heather, Thumper