Valmer and Amanda PLUNGE!


Young Leaders Circle Polar Bear Plunge Fundraiser 2012

Newport, Rhode Island

Valmer and Amanda PLUNGE!

Our first plunge was on a cold Sunday afternoon February 2011 - overcast skies and drizzling. Running into the water, our toes began to sting and our flesh turned red instantly. Valmer dived completely under the water while I screamed till the water hit my hips and without a break in my wailing, I ran back out.

You may ask why we would dive into the cold Atlantic in the middle of winter - well, it's because we LIVE UNITED! For all Rhode Islanders who are homeless, struggling to find income-building jobs, not receiving a quality education or fighting to receive basic needs, we plunge for them. Every dollar that we raise goes right back out into the RI community, nothing is ever absorbed for cost.

Whether you realize it, we are all impacted by United Way of RI. Please join us today as we, once again, take the Plunge!

Thank you!

Valmer and Amanda

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