Lewy Body Dementia Trail Run/Walk Sunday Nov 6


Lewy Body Dementia Trail Run/Walk Sunday Nov 6

Lewy Body Dementia Trail Run/Walk Sunday Nov 6


Running for Robin - Sunday November 6

A reminder about the run/walk on Sunday. Hope you can join us. We’ll be doing Raindancer - It’s a gorgeous trail from Cliffwood across multiple streams, bridges and logs leading to Quarry Rock (the secret way) and then back into the Cove. It should be a lot of fun. The route will be marked with neon pink jumbo wool - hard to miss. I also have T-shirts left over from last year if anyone wants to look bold and purple.


Date: Sunday November 6

Start: 8.30am walkers  -  9am runners

Start: Cliffwood Road (Top of Cliffmont Road)

End: Sarah’s House  2076 Panorama Drive

Route: Raindancer

Distance: more like 8K

Running Optional Feel free to just join us for the coffee and muffins part!


What is Lewy Body Dementia?

Lewy Body Dementia is the second most common form of dementia and yet almost unknown. It is a cruel disease that brings sleep disorders, hallucinations and psychosis along with all the usual dementia symptoms. It is often misdiagnosed. People may also start with Parkinson’s and later develop LBD. 


Who is Robin?

Robin Williams is probably the most well known person associated with LBD. Robin Goddard is not quite so famous but he’s my dad. He was diagnosed a few years ago after suffering night disturbances, hallucinations and psychosis. He was sectioned and hospitalized and has deteriorated rapidly ever since. He is well cared for but barely recognizable as the wonderful person I know.



The LBD Association suggested hosting a 5K run/walk. They suggest a $25 registration fee. It’s a fraction of local trail race costs and great training for the Phantom Run. You also get free coffee and amazing home baked muffins and flapjack afterwards!   Any donation of any amount much appreciated.

No need to register separately this year. Just donate on this page and it all goes to the LBDA.

This page is no longer accepting donations