Tim and Chase REPEL!!!


Over the Edge for Heartbeat International 2012

Tampa, Florida

Tim and Chase REPEL!!!

OK here's the deal...

We all know someone who was affected by heart disease. In fact, just under two years ago my Dad had a heart attack and tripple bypass surgery. This is definitely a cause that is important to me. Heartbeat International is a great organization that will do a lot of good with our funding, so let's help 'em out as much as we can.
NOW for the good part:

Chase is being a wimp about repelling down the side of the Franklin Exchange building (it's really really really tall), so I bet him that if we raised $5,000 he'd have to do it. And he agreed. So let's go!!! Seriously, he is FREAKING OUT. We're going to get some go-pros and video tape everything on the way down, so let's make this happen! We'll only be able to do this if we raise $5,000 by December 1st!

Donate to Heartbeat International NOW so that we can see Chase cry (and possibly wet his pants) on his way down the side of the Franklin Exchange Building!


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