IAGC's 2015 Fundraising Page


IAGC's 2015 Fundraising Page

IAGC's 2015 Fundraising Page

Dear Friends of IAGC - and of all gifted and talented children in our State,

Many of us are regularly approached to support a variety of worthy causes, often those related to improving Illinois’ educational institutions and access to them. We all know some of the reasons why poor performance and difficulties exist – and we know it is serious and must be addressed.

Greatly overlooked, however, is the fact that as a nation we are losing ground to our international competitor countries in the area of training and educating our best and brightest. Talent and leadership development should be a concern for all of us, as it will affect our nation and our businesses, as well as our children and grandchildren in the years to come.

We need to invest . . . now.

And that is exactly what the Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC) has been striving to do for years. Programs and information are made available for parents of gifted children, teachers of gifted children, and school administrators. Legislators are made aware of the needs of our most talented students so that opportunities will exist for them to excel and to take full advantage of their skills and passions for the benefit of us all.

Budget cutbacks have greatly diminished, if not eliminated:
1. Classes and programs for gifted students (including not only differentiated curriculum but also recognition of the social and emotional needs of these children)
2. Training and resources for teachers (including certification, seminars, and conferences)
3. Support and guidance for parents (including enrichment tools for at home use)
4. Resources for school administrators (including funding for local programs)

Please join the many supporters who are contributing to IAGC’s efforts to help achieve these critically important goals. Your donation will enable students, parents, teachers, and educational leaders to begin reclaiming our place among the best and brightest states – for our best and brightest students.

A tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 . . . or more . . . will combine with others to draw attention to this vital need for improvement and it will make a significant statement to those in a position to create change for the better. The sheer number of gifts is as important as the amount raised. We need to illustrate the power of support for gifted education in Illinois.

Your financial support is the reason that we can continue to advocate for gifted and talented children. If you wish to make a donation on behalf of a teacher, student, friend, or family member, or in memory of someone, please feel free to add that to the note option.

Thank you for giving this your most thoughtful consideration. We can, and will, succeed.


Sally Walker, PhD
Executive Director


P.S. You may click the DONATE button above or mail your tax deductible check to: IAGC, 800 E. Northwest Hwy., Ste. 610, Palatine, IL 60074. Thank you very much!

To allow IAGC time to process your contribution for 2015, please donate by December 15, 2015


IAGC Board and Committee Chairs: Diane Beedy, Laura Beltchenko, Jeanine Buishas, Susan Corwith, Kerry Cox, Rosina Gallagher (Past President), Mamon Gibson, Jane Gorman, Tracey Hosey, Julie Luck Jensen (Chair) Michele Kane, Linda Lanphier, Connie Lee, Robin Linn-Cohen, Judy Minor, Terry Mohaupt, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, Mary Ann Paradise, Judy Hart Rhoads (Secretary), Susan Rhodes (President-Elect), Joan Franklin Smutny, Lori Swan (Treasurer), José Torres, Sally Thomson (President), Sally Walker (Executive Director), April Wells, Dianne Woodard, Andrea Zietlow


THANK YOU to our growing list of donors listed below:

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