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MIT Sloan Fellows 2009 Fundraising Page

The Boston Aids Africa event raised money for 3000 kits, and we contributed over 10% of that! We're keeping this website open until February, because any money donated will still go to caregiver kits through WorldVision. Plus, we did a little "stretch" estimating in order to be able to purchase enough kits for people to build. It was a great team-building event, and we thank everyone who participated by donating, buying a shirt, or even passing the word along. Thanks especially to the MIT Women's League! The kits we built will be sent to Rwanda in a shipment in the spring.  Please join us at the MIT World AIDS Day events Dec 1:


AIDS is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. On average a child loses a parent to AIDS every 14 seconds of every day. In the face of this tragic healthcare crisis, over 60,000 dedicated volunteers and family members are caring for victims struggling to live with HIV in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Sadly many of these tireless caregivers don't even have the most basic items needed to help prolong lives and comfort the sick or even to protect themselves from infection.

Through World Vision, we are coordinating an effort to provide 10,000 Caregiver Kits to a select region in Africa. These kits equip caregivers with the practical materials they need to bring dignity and comfort to those living with AIDS. These kits include basic supplies like washcloths, latex gloves, antibacterial soap, and medications that improve and prolong the lives of those living with AIDS while protecting caregivers and preventing the spread of infection.

Each kit costs $30, and your gift of any amount will help equip caregivers with the practical materials they need. Donating through this site is simple, safe, and totally secure. Through the work of World Vision, there is hope in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Together we can make a lasting difference in lives affected by AIDS! Thank you for caring.

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About Boston AIDS Africa
Boston AIDS Africa is a coordinated effort by concerned Boston business women who are trying to improve the lives of a group of needy and underprivileged members of our world community.

Using our New England business contacts, colleagues, and friends, we are determined to demonstrate the Boston area's compassion and respond to the enormous need that exists in African villages affected by the AIDS crisis. Please consider joining our efforts in whatever way you can. Every single "Caregiver Kit" we ship provides items that improve the life of an AIDS patient and make it safer for caregivers to continue to help them.

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MIT Sloan Fellows 2009 Fundraising Page
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