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Minnesota Hope & Hearts Run/Walk

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Isaiah's Team

On September 8th we will be participating in the annual Hope and Hearts 5K walk/run as “Isaiah’s Team” - in remembrance of our son, Isaiah Kleinsasser, who was born still on April 2, 2012.  

This powerful event allows people to come together to honor the memory of babies who have been lost, raise awareness about pregnancy loss, and promote stillbirth prevention by raising funds for the Missing Grace Foundation. 

About Missing Grace:

The mission of the Missing Grace Foundation is to provide resources and support for families that have experienced pregnancy loss, infant loss, infertility, or are going through adoption - and to advocate for comprehensive, patient-focused prenatal care for all women.  Their important work extends over a multitude of issues related to loss and they have been extremely supportive to us through our grief.  We hope you will consider supporting them as they serve those walking a similar path to ours and work at preventing future loss.

Isaiah’s Story:

In the early morning of April 2, Becky went into the hospital because she couldn’t feel the baby moving. The staff told her a short time later that our baby’s heart had stopped beating.  Upon delivery we discovered that our otherwise healthy baby was a boy - and we named him Isaiah.

We were devastated to lose our perfect little boy, but we deeply trust in God.  We have faith that He will use this sorrow for good (Rom. 8:28) and that He’ll carry us as we attempt to continue living for Him.  Everything we have belongs to the Lord -- especially our children -- and even while we miss Isaiah, we realize what a blessing it is to get to raise our other children to know and serve him here.  We are so grateful to know that we will see Isaiah again and that God has a purpose for us here as we anxiously await that reunion in heaven.

As much as we have peace about Isaiah, we do wish things could have been different.  We are grateful to know the cause of Isaiah’s death, as many stillbirths are simply a mystery.  Isaiah had an extremely long umbilical cord that was wrapped tightly around his chest four times – with a true knot in the middle of the cord – cinching his blood flow.  This wrapping and knot were probably present early on in the pregnancy and maybe could have been detected if it were standard procedure to look at cords.  Sadly it is not.  

We don’t blame our Doctors or anyone else – we understand what a sad accident cord deaths are -- but we do hope that with improved standard practices, research, and the increased monitoring that Missing Grace is advocating for, some of these deaths can be prevented in the future.

What you can do:

Please consider participating in the 5K run, Memorial Walk, or Kids' Fun Dash with us as part of “Isaiah’s Team” on September 8th or consider making a tax deductible donation to the thoughtful, valuable Missing Grace Foundation in order to give families hope and help us honor the memory of our sweet boy, Isaiah.  

Thank you - friends and family - for your constant love and support. We thank God whenever we think of you (Phil. 1:4).

Love in Christ,

Matt, Becky, Caleb, and Lydia Kleinsasser



If you'd like to learn more about the 5K event, feel free to watch the video on the right featuring last year's Hope and Heart's 5K.

If you’d like to join us in the 5K run, Memorial Walk, or Kids' Fun Dash, you can find specific event information here:

and you can register here:

Helpful info for registration:

-->Team - please enter “Isaiah’sTeam” as your team name 

-->Shirt - if you register before Aug. 8, you can ensure that you get a race t-shirt -- choosing either a memory shirt (where you can write Isaiah’s name on the back) or a non-memory shirt (basic logo).  If you register after August 8, you will not be guaranteed a shirt, but they will be given out on a first come first served basis that morning.  We are, however, looking into getting t-shirts made for “Isaiah’s team” – not sure what the cost will be yet, though.

-->Commemoration - I know it gets later in the morning, but please consider staying for the special commemoration time after the 5K at 11:30 - where they will read the names of the babies aloud and have a balloon release.  We are planning to bring a picnic to hold us over and keep the kids busy between the finish of the run and the commemoration.  Please join us if you can (and of course we understand if you can’t). 

-->Read Aloud - I’ve already added Isaiah’s name to be read aloud at the commemoration activities, but if you’d like to honor another baby that has been lost (yours or a friends’), you can do so by listing the name – even if you're there as part of Isaiah’s team (if the child didn’t have a name, you can list something like “Baby J” or “Baby Jones” – as an example).  


If you can’t join us but would like to make a tax deductible donation, please click on the “donate” button below.  This website is fast, simple, efficient, and totally secure. 


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