2012 Lauren's Run and CURE Annual Picnic

Atlanta, Georgia


Jackson’s smile is radiant, his eyes will touch your soul and his blonde curly locks will make you fall in love with him at first sight. Jackson just turned 4 years old on February 7th. He celebrated his birthday in a pirate costume and walking the plank on the ship he and his daddy built. He loves trucks, boats and jumping in mud puddles. When he grows up, he wants to be an alligator hunter or a snow boarder. He loves to play outside, build things with his daddy, and to wear his hunting boots. He loves his sister most of all and showers his mommy with kisses all the time. He is always happy, laughing and fills the room with life and love. He is a blessing, a miracle and the love of all of our lives.

Jackson was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at 9 months old. He endured 8 cycles of chemo and a 14 hour surgery to remove his tumor. This summer, Jackson will be 3 years cancer free. He is a blessing, and he has taught us to love life, smile and enjoy every minute! Please help support TEAM JACKSON by donating and by joining us for Lauren’s Run on April 29th! Thank you for all the love and support throughout the years.

To make a donation just click on the donate box below.  To register for the race and join TEAM JACKSON please visit www.firstgiving.com/curechildhoodcancer/18th-annual-laurens-run and click on the green register box and then join TEAM JACKSON later in the process. THANKS!!!

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