Jamie Sullivan's BBBS Fundraising Page


Bowl For Kids' Sake 2012: REBEL FOR A CAUSE

Athens, Ohio

Jamie Sullivan's BBBS Fundraising Page

Friends and Family, most of you probably know that I have been a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens County (and continue to be a Big from Cleveland, thank goodness for facebook and online chat) since 2007.  Tosha is my little sister and we have gotten each other through many tough times.  She is not just my little sister through BBBS, she is my sister for life.  We spend time together, talk about boys (the good, the bad, the ugly), and mourn together, we celebrate together, we love each other.  I have had the privledge of seeing Tosha grow from a awesome middle schooler to a beautiful young lady.  She is now pursueing her dream of being a mechanic through her career training program at her high school.  Life has not always been easy for Tosh, and I feel that I have been able to help guide her through some rocky patches, but she has done the same for me.  She is a brilliant young lady that blesses me each and every day.  Because of BBBS Athens my life is better and happier. I know that Tosha, with the help of me, my family (she now calls my Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad), many of my friends, her other Big Sister Heidi (thank goodness she has helped to fill in since I have moved to Cleveland)  now always has a shoulder to lean on, cry on, a person to laugh with, and to ask for guidance.  She also has a LOT of people who look out for her best interest.  She is a smart and talented young lady, but has greatly benefited from Big Brothers Big Sisters, just ask her!

Without your support, and lots of it,  BBBS of Athens County will not be able to continue to make these life changing matches.  Please, PLEASE take time to donate a few dollars.  EVERY little bit helps and is vital to the success and continuing efforts of this orgnazition.

If you would like more information about my and Tosha's match, please let me know.  It is an amazing program that needs everyone's support.  PLEASE donate today!

If you would like to become a Big Sister or Big Brother please contact BBBS!!!  It is life changing for ALL involved.

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Jamie Sullivan's BBBS Fundraising Page
Photo by Fellow Big Rachel O'Hara