Small Change can make a BIG Change!!!


Bowl For Kids' Sake 2013

Athens, Ohio

Small Change can make a BIG Change!!!

I have been a Big Sister since 2007.  My "Little" Sister is now 18.  I have been changed by this organization and this program.  I know that my little has as well.  I have been able to be with her through boyfriends, break ups, report cards, and family struggle.  I know that if this program wouldn't have matched us and her family with other Big Sisters the outcomes would not have been the same.  This is a life changing program that MUST be supported and continued.  Athens Ohio doesn't have any other programs like this!  PLEASE take time to give any amount you can.  Every little bit helps!

I am proud to say Tosh will be graduating from High School this May!!  She has a bright future ahead!!!

Here are a few ways donations are used:

$10 will cover the training of a new Big Brother or Big Sister.

$25 will purchase a healthy snack for 30 kids in an after-school Youth in Leadership Program.

$50 will provide an overnight camping trip and canoeing adventure for 5 kids.

$100 will provide crafts and hands-on activity supplies for our after-school Youth in Leadership Program for 2 weeks at 7 schools.

$500 will purchase a laptop computer for a program coordinator.

$1000 will allow us to match one high-need child with a local mentor and professionally support that match for 1 year or longer.

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Small Change can make a BIG Change!!!
This was my little Tosh and I in 2010.