Charlie Savage Irwin Memorial Fund


Charlie Savage Irwin Memorial Fund

In memory of Charlie Irwin

Charlie Savage Irwin Memorial Fund

Friends and Family:

As you know Vanessa Ragland and John Irwin's first born child Charlie Savage Irwin did not make it through his birth. This is a tradegy that will never be forgotten. It is John and Vanesa's wish that his name will live on in a postive way. A Place Called Home is an amazing place in Los Angeles that affords children many creative and educational opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have. There is now a memorial fund in Charlie's honor at APCH.   Please know the money will go to a great cause and will help Charlie live on in the lives of others.

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For more information about A Place Called Home please visit their website at:

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Charlie Savage Irwin Memorial Fund
Charlie's Footprints February, 15th 2013