Skewes, Vasquez, and Young HD Fundraising Page


TEAM HOPE WALK 2013- Illinois

Naperville, Illinois
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Skewes, Vasquez, and Young HD Fundraising Page

It's time once again to request help to find that illusive cure!!  We all continue to be hopeful, but we need your assistance.  Please help us exceed our goal for the 8th year in a row!

Celebrate with our families and friends as we look to a bright future.  We have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate, and hopefully this year will continue in being a successful fundraiser.  

We hope you are able to walk with us!  If so, please note we are at a different location.  We will be enjoying the beauty of the Naperville Riverwalk this year and will continue with our annual brunch at our home after the walk.

Another change to this year's event is the new t-shirt specific to our team and supporters!  If you would like to order a shirt please follow the link: 

Please join us in this fight to find a cure for such a personal cause.  Happy Spring and enjoy every day as a new beginning.

Thank you for your past support, present support, future support, and thank you, more than anything, for your ever present love and care.

Jim and Jan, Chris and Jackie, and Jeff and Jeanette

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Skewes, Vasquez, and Young HD Fundraising Page
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