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"I want to be a lawyer now," said my student after participating in a Mock Trial at our downtown courthouse. He's inspired by his Citizen Teachers (professional volunteers) who are lawyers at a local law firm here in Houston. For ten weeks, the Citizen Teachers spent their time teaching a ten-week project based class called an apprenticeship. It was a challenging and rewarding experience for the students--one that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to do with Citizen Schools.

I am a second year teaching fellow for Citizen Schools, which is a national nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools in seven states to extend the learning day for students in low-income, urban communities. In our program, we provide academic support for the students by helping them with homework and providing additional English Language Arts instruction. We also support local professionals by matching them with apprenticeships in which they teach students about their career and college path. These classes end with a WOW! event where students show off the skills they learned over the semester and their culminating projects.

Many of my students have parents who work out of town or around the clock, and they take care of their younger siblings and their families. Some of them have to make sacrifices just to make it to our program. These are driven students that want something better for their lives, but they need your support. To keep our program going, we need support from donors to be able to provide these opportunities to our students. 


Since joining Citizen Schools in Houston, I feel that I am part of a national movement to educate youth and strengthen communities. I see the impact of my work each day that I provide my students with necessary 21st century skills, give them access to valuable resources, and inform their beliefs about themselves and their future. By instilling a culture of achievement in my team, I know they are learning that success requires hard work and focused dedication.

I may not be able to ensure that every child ends up graduating college and going to college, but I can motivate them now to achieve their dreams and goals, which will hopefully put them on the path to success.

I realize that my work is made possible by donors and supporters just like you who believe in the Citizen Schools mission and model. I am thankful to these supporters for giving me the opportunity to make an impact and be a much-needed mentor for our students here at Citizen Schools. You can become a part of this national movement by supporting Citizen Schools through your donation today!


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