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Boston, Massachusetts
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Jason Dunklee's Running for Rare Diseases Page

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I started running in 10th grade and quickly learned that I was very good at it. I won a lot of races in high school and was even recruited to run in college. Unfortunately, my running career did not turn out as well as hoped due to some training injuries. Now, fast forward 20 years later, running is still an important part of my daily life today. In fact, I just turned 40 and have started winning my age group in local races! Dedicating the time for proper training is a challenge because work at Genzyme is very busy and I have three great kids ages 5, 2, and 6 months. Because of the challenge, I have had to reassess why I run and race. In fact, I even took 2 years off running when my 2nd son was born. I am at a point now where I recognize that I am a better father & husband when I am physically active and competitive, my children enjoy watching me train and race, and there are ways to connect my running to greater social causes. In short – gotta keep running.

Regarding my work at Genzyme, I am part of the Operational Excellence team at the Framingham, MA manufacturing facility where we make Fabrazyme (Fabry Disease) and Thyrogen (Thyroid Cancer). My team’s mission to help our plant operate more efficiently and consistently. My day-to-day responsibilities include analyzing operational issues, leading project teams to implement improvements, training employees on Lean manufacturing principles, and trying to lead operational excellence by example. Engagement in the patient community is an extra-curricular interest that helps me enrich my sense of purpose at work and understand the human side of our business. Since joining this Genzyme Running for Rare Diseases team, I have been truly amazed and inspired by the compassion and commitment demonstrated by fellow employees as well as the welcoming nature of our patient partners.

I look forward to connecting with my patient partner, Meghan and her family of 3 young children with combinations of Laryngeal Cleft, Juvenile Arthritis, heart defects. Asthma, Anemia, allergies and other symptoms that come along with each of the diagnoses. I look forward to learning how her family finds the hope that it needs to persevere. I look forward to my children also learning from this experience. And I look forward to connecting my daily running to a purpose greater than just myself.

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