"Team Mission Bangladesh" Tough Mudder Race


"Team Mission Bangladesh" Tough Mudder Race

"Team Mission Bangladesh" Tough Mudder Race

We (Justin Reesy, Dallas Clark, and Jason Humble) are EXCITED to announce that we are going on a mission trip to BANGLADESH during October 5th-14th 2012.  We will be raising money by running a TOUGH MUDDER RACE on June 16th, 2012 in Attica, Indiana.  Our team name is "Team Mission Bangladesh."  We will be going to Bangladesh through Agape Service Foundation Ministries. On-line donations will continue to be accepted until August 16, 2012.


BANGLADESH: Bangladesh is in South Asia and is bordered by India, Burma and the Bay of Bengal.  Its population is estimated at about 148 million people.  The main religion is Islam which is 89% of the population, with 9%  being Hindu.  Unclean water is common in Bangladesh with a high percentage of the water having Arsenic, which has been deadly to many of the people.  In addition, child  homelessness and slavery are common.  A large majority of Bangladeshi's have never had the gospel shared with them or heard the name of Jesus!


TOUGH MUDDER RACE: If you are not familiar with Tough Mudder Races, check their web site out at www.toughmudder.com.  Tough Mudder is a 10+ mile race full of obstacles, mud, muck, fire, ropes, and just pure challenging fun.  We have decided to use this race as a way to raise support for our mission trip (read Our Mission below about how the money will be used).  We still can't believe we talked Dallas into running the race (the man is dedicated to this cause!)!!


AGAPE SERVICE FOUNDATION MINISTRY: Agape Service Foundation is a Non-Profit organization in Russellville, KY that has been in operation for 39 years.  To view pictures, information, and videos on Bangladesh and the other ministries at Agape go to www.agapesvf.com Agape is owned and operated by Jason's parents, Mike and Janice Humble.  Agape is involved in multiple ministry areas.  These ministries include international mission work, schools of evangelism in multiple countries, prison ministries, a local Toys for Tots program, a local food and clothing bank, a police and firefighter chaplaincy program, and much more.  They recently initiated an orphanage for homeless "street kids" in Bangladesh, a seperate safehouse for the children to come get a meal and sleep for the night, and provides these children with an education.  The ministry also operates a water filter ministry to the villages in Bangladesh that have high Arsenic levels in the water.  All donations for this mission trip are funneled through First Giving and paid to Agape's Non-Profit ministry.  All the donations are 100% tax deductible. 


OUR MISSION: Our mission is to raise enough money to fund our travel to Bangladesh to spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to the people there.  A large portion of the money we raise is to purchase water filters ($12 each), educational and Christian books for the children, pay for food and clothes for the homeless children, and conduct a school of evangelism for the local Christian believers.  We will take the water filters to villages and show them how to use the filters while sharing the gospel to the villagers.  We will also spend a large amount of time ministering to the homeless children at the orphanage and school. 


PRAYERS AND SUPPORT:  Many Christians in Bangladesh are persecuted and threatened daily by the Taliban and other aggressive organizations.  Many there have been martyred for their faith in Christ in this country.  However, the light, love, and hope of Jesus is continuing to be shared in this country.  We are greatly looking forward to this trip and ask for your prayers, donations, and support.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you so much and God Bless! 

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"Team Mission Bangladesh"  Tough Mudder Race
Dallas, Jason and Justin