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Chesapeake Climate Action Network

2014 "Keep Winter Cold" Polar Bear Plunge sponsored by CCAN

National Harbor, Maryland

Jay! Tomlinson's Page

I used to work for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and now, when the Polar Bear Plunge comes around each year, I just can't think of a good enough excuse not to take part.

CCAN has been called the most effective local climate group in the country by 350.org's Bill McKibben and I know first-hand from working there the good work they do and how little they pay their employees so you can be sure your donation will get stretched as far as it can go!

Last year, because I reached my fundraising goal, I rode my bike the 15 miles on snowy ground from my apartment to National Harbor before taking the plunge. Same plan this year, help me reach my goal and I'll go the extra mile (or 15) to the plunge, rain, shine or snow!

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