Unstoppable Fundraising


Unstoppable Fundraising

Unstoppable Fundraising

VHL research scientists have created 8 cancer drugs (so far), and increased the life expectancy by 16 years for those of us living with VHL

Donate $15, $25, or your choice to help make that progress just the beginning


Dear Friend,

Hello and welcome to my fundraising page. My name is Jay Platt, and I have von Hippel-Lindau (a rare cancer syndrome).  I was retired from the Marine Corps in 1998 due to complications from the disease. I have lost my left eye, have kidney cancer, had 2 brain surgeries, and have tumors in my spinal cord from it. But I'm one of the fortunate ones. Many with the condition have it much worse.

I'm doing this fundraiser because I truly believe we are getting close to a cure, which will be a cure for many types of cancer. And I hope you will help. 100% of your donation goes to the VHL Family Alliance in their fight against VHL and other cancers. ANY amount you can give is appreciated.

Once you donate, you'll be given a link to watch the online version of my documentary film, Living Unstoppable. The film currently retails for $19.95 for the DVD version, and this is the exact same film. Thank you, so very much!

All my best,

P.S. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can do so by clicking the PLAY button over there. ==>


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