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Ride For Pride 8

Jeannie Gainsburg's Page

The serious stuff or why I am asking for your support: We are living through interesting times. Nuff said. My instinct: jump in bed, throw the covers over my head and read Harry Potter books until it all goes away. My actual reaction: get out there and fight like hell for what is right! When your grandchildren ask you what you did during this incredible time to help secure the rights and safety of our marginalized friends, what will your answer be?

The fun stuff or what I’m willing to do for your support: The 2017 Ride For Pride theme this year is Beauty and the Beast. Hilarious! (Thank you, Bruce!) If I raise $2,000, I will bike dressed as Belle (ie. Beauty). For $3,000, I will bike dressed as the Beast! If I reach my goal of $4,000, I will bike dressed as Beauty AND the Beast!! (Photographic evidence included in your official thank you email, of course.) Won't you please help me make a fool out of myself?

The details or how you can actually support me: Donating on this site is easy and secure. Simply press the green donate button above and follow the instructions. You may also send donations via checks made out to “Gay Alliance” to:

Jeannie Gainsburg, Ride For Pride Coordinator

Gay Alliance

100 College Avenue

Rochester, NY 14607

100% of your money (minus the small percentage that FirstGiving takes for us to use their fundraising site, which you will have the option of paying) goes directly toward the life changing work that we are doing at the LGBTQ Center at the Gay Alliance. I cannot thank you enough for your support.

With so much love and appreciation,


P.S. Please check out the wonderful 1 and 1/2 min video on the right-hand side of my page to see some images from last year's ride. 

This page is no longer accepting donations