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Ride For Pride 9

Jeannie Gainsburg's Page

"Closets are for hangers" - Bruce Springsteen

Just in case you missed the memo, the Gay Alliance "came out" this year with a new and more inclusive name. We are now the Out Alliance!!! We will continue our work under this new and awesome name, healing and saving lives and continuing to create a world where eveyone is able to be their authentic selves at all times, everywhere and with anyone. 

In honor of our new name, our Ride For Pride theme this year is "Get This Out of My Closet!" We are encouraging our riders and support crew to find the oldest, most ridiculous clothing items still hanging in their closet and, not only get them out, but actually wear them during the ride. You know I am going to have some fun with this one! Hang on! I'll be right back...oh lordy, lordy, so much to choose from! Ok, here we go!

I pledge that if I raise....

$2,000 I will wear my rainbow tassle bikini top from "Summer of Love" Roc Pride 2017

$3,000 I will bike wearing my Wizard of Oz "It's a Twister!" skirt from Roc Pride 2013 (complete with houses and cows and stuff in my hair)

$4,000 I will wear my wedding dress (circa 1990)

$4,631 (Topping the amount I raised last year!) I will wear my actual high school prom dress (circa 1981) For real! It's still in my closet!

Thank you so much for your donations and your support! I cannot thank you enough for helping to make Ride For Pride 2018 a success!