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Boston Marathon 2009

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Jen Stewart's Boston Marathon Fundraising Page

Well I can't believe 6 months of training came to an end in just over 5 hours yesterday.  It was a great day....the weather was cool (thank god) and the atmosphere was amazing.  It was definitely the closest I will ever come to the Olympics.  The run was great.  We started off fast, and if not for the leg, my energy was great.  Wall at mile 20....what wall?  While my knee injury prevented me from hitting my time goals, just finishing was a great feeling.  I definitely caught the bug....same time, same place next year after a visit to the surgeon.  Thank you to everyone who helped me get to the finish.  To Casey my training buddy, while I may have questioned many times what the heck you got us in to, I couldn't have perservered through the the horrible Boston winter training without you.  Thank you o Peter Stone to getting my knee rehabbed enough to get to the start line and to Coach Fred to getting me to the finish line.  To Fabio and my dad (Big Norm), thanks for getting me through the back 13.  To Marisha, Mom and Kate, for sitting out in the cold for much longer than you had planned on to see our big finish.  To Mel and Alex for providing a boost at mile 16 before the hills of Newton.  And to everyone who sponsored me, thank you soooo much.  On behalf of the charities and myself, all of the support meant so much....I promise I won't hit you up again next year :)     

I am a crazy lady!! Way back in the fall, I overly ambitiously volunteerted to punish my body for a grueling 6 months.  Yes, on April 20th, I am going to run the 113th Boston Marathon - 26.2 miles or for my Canadian friends....42.2km)! Thus far, I haven't quite decided which is worse - the countless miles we have to put in weekly or the no more enjoying happy hour until we cross the finish line. 

Casey and I began our training in October and are now at the point that we think we might actually be marathoners.  The bloody sock after my snowy run yesterday sealed the deal for me.  Over the coming weeks, our coaches have advised us to run a few races to get us mentally ready for Heartbreak Hill on Marathon Monday.  I will update my training regularily, so keep checking back.

Why you ask?  Everyday about 7pm when I have the choice to sit on my comfy couch and watch the latest episode of the Bachelor or get laced up to run in the cold windy winter  weather, I wonder the same thing. But then again, I do live in the best sports city in the world and I wouldn't be able to cross running a marathon off my bucket list.  Moreover, if you are going to be silly enough to run a marathon, you might as well run the best (and coincidentally the hardest).  Go BIG OR GO HOME.  On Marathon Monday, Casey and I will be running alongside 25,000 entrants and approximately another 10,000 “bandits” (runners who haven't registered) of the bandits this year  will be Big dad.  He's planning on running the last half with us.   All of your donations are greatly appreciated. 
$29 - my age on race day
$52.40 - 26.2 miles on two legs
$60 - Big Norm's age on race day
$113 - Its the 113th Boston Marathon
Company Match – If your company participates in a matching program, please list my name as this will go towards my goal. If you want to notify me by email me, I will ensure it is tallied correctly.   (note, most companies' match starts at $25, to cover the cost of this credit card fees, please add 7.5% to $27)
Where does my donation go?  For 24 years, John Hancock has been the lead sponsor of the Boston Marathon, and those Hancock employees running the marathon have been asked to fundraise on behalf of non-profits, supporting Mayor Thomas Menino's teen summer jobs initiative.
Since the marathon takes place in the Boston area, John Hancock sees the non-profit marathon fundraising program as a way to give back to Boston. The charity supports summer jobs for Boston teens through the Fund for Parks and Recreation. These jobs play an important role in keeping students engaged in positive activities and out of trouble.
In 2008, employee runners raised enough funds to provide 77 summer jobs for teens at a cost of approximately $1,500 per youth. These jobs are in addition to the 500 Boston Summer Scholars positions provided by the Hancock -Boston Globe partnership. This brings John Hancock's total to 577 jobs - the most jobs funded by any corporation in the country.
Ohhhhh - Your generosity means a lot, not only to the Hancock charity, but it could allow me to cross a second line off my bucket list.  The John Hancock employee who raises the most donations, gets to throw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game this summer!!   
PS - If you'd prefer to donate to a Canadian charity, for tax purposes, the Manulife charity is Habitat for Humanity Canada.  I've set up a webpage at the following link and both sites will be aggregated in the spring to count towards my fundraising total.
A few more things...
Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!  Finally, for those of you thinking about making the trip down, it'd be great to see some friendly faces along the route.  And Sarah, you better be at the finish line with a cold Sam Adams :) 
Thank you so much,



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Jen Stewart's Boston Marathon Fundraising Page
The first sip of Sam will be lovely!!