Making Dreams Possible!

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Making Dreams Possible!

"Before Citizen Schools, I thought only rich, white kids could go to college," shared one of my students in a shy voice.

Although I heard these words at the end of my second year with CS, it was the first time I realized just how powerful the CS message is. Wise beyond his years, the dropout rate of black and hispanic high school students is 2x and 4x higher than that of white students and low income students of any race are 6x more likely to dropout. I want each of them to know they can finish high school, go to college and be as successful as they want - if they are willing to put in the work! And believe me, in CS they work harder than they ever thought they could.

Students spend about 3 hours more time in school each day, have extra math and language arts instruction, and develop their interpersonal skills. Not only do they have a team of dedicated teachers on campus, CS shows them that the community cares about them also by recruiting people just like you to share your interests in 10 week apprenticeships. Students learn about business, architecture, yoga, law, music production, nutrition, robots and so much more directly from a dedicated and passionate member of the community and then teach what they have learned to others. Learning by doing, learning while having fun, learning to work hard - CS sets up students for success!

If you can't give your time, perhaps you can give a few dollars? Here is how a little to a lot can help!

$7 - new folders for math class to hold student work neatly

$12 - one week of healthy snacks during a yoga apprenticeship (like the photo)

$35 - art supplies for one classroom to last the whole year

$80 - supplies for a 10 week apprenticeship to help students dream big

$300 - a bus to tour a college they could one day attend

any$ - shows a kid they aren't forgotten and you believe in them


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