Freezing My Tail Off to Help the Animals!!


Doggie Paddle Plunge 2012

New Castle, New Hampshire

Freezing My Tail Off to Help the Animals!!

Thank you for visiting my Doggie Paddle Plunge fundraising page! On March 17, I will be plunging into the cold Atlantic Ocean again for the New Hampshire SPCA's second annual doggie paddle plunge and freezing my tail off to help raise money for the animals! Your support is so important. The NHSPCA helps thousands of animals find a new loving forever home each year and relies only on the generous donations of the community.

Each and every day, animals from around the seacoast and as far away as California and Alabama turn to the NHSPCA hoping for that second chance at the loving forever home they deserve. The NHSPCA provides each and every one of these animals with food, a warm bed, kind words, and a loving touch until they find their new home. The NHSPCA rescues countless animals from abusive and neglectful situations and transfers dogs from overcrowded shelters across the south and midwest. These animals do not understand why they are abandoned or forced to suffer abuse at the hands of the people they rely on to care for them. Without the NHSPCA and the support of animal lovers like you, these pets would face an uncertain fate.

I know firsthand what a difference the NHSPCA makes each and every day in the lives of helpless animals. My girls, Amy and Hershey, were both lucky enough to be transferred from overcrowded shelters to the NHSPCA. Hershey was abandoned in an Indiana shelter when her owners moved and left her behind, and Amy was dumped in a Virginia shelter because she was "too active." Both of these sweet, young, beautiful girls were on the list to be euthanized and their time was running out! Lucky for them, Amy and Hershey were transferred to the NHSPCA and found their forever home with our family. If not for the NHSPCA, our girls would never have had the second chance that every pet deserves.

Your donation means the world to the thousands of animals like Amy and Hershey that turn to the NHSPCA each year hoping for that second chance. Please sponsor me, so the NHSPCA can continue to care for the many animals that turn to us when they have no where else to go. Donating through this website is simple, fast, and totally secure - and you'll receive a receipt from the NHSPCA for your tax-deductable donation! If you would rather donate with cash or a check, please contact me at

Every little bit helps. Here's what your donation can provide for the homeless pets that are counting on you:

•$25 provides vaccinations for one animal
•$50 provides one medical exam
•$100 provides one spay/neuter surgery
•$175 feeds the NHSPCA dogs for one week
•$350 feeds the NHSPCA cats for one week
•$500 provides food and shelter for a horse for one month
•A donation of any size shows you care when it seems like no one else does!

On behalf of the animals, thank you! And please pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested in helping homeless pets get a second chance at the life they deserve!

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Freezing My Tail Off to Help the Animals!!
2011 Doggie Paddle Plunge.. Brrrr!!