Jennifer Ridgway's Fundraising Page


Jennifer Ridgway's Fundraising Page

Jennifer Ridgway's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! 

I'm dedicating my page to Lady, the sweetest and most loving rescued dog in Houston. Lady was roaming the streets of East End in late 2012 trying to survive life on her own when a kind police officer rescued her from almost being hit by a car!  She was heartworm positive and under nourished and sadly had a malignant tumor on one of her hind legs.  I took Lady into my home earlier this summer and this very brave girl underwent surgery in August to have her right hind leg amputated.  She hopped out of Gulfgate the day after surgery and has fully adjusted to her now pain-free life as a tripawd! 

Here's more information on Barrio Dogs and Unity for a Solution:

Unity for a Solution is a 501c(3) and is a collaboration of three local animal welfare groups who tireless and heartbreakingly work the streets of their respective areas: Barrio Dogs, Corridor Rescue & Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward Project.

We believe that community education and free and low cost spay and neuter are the only solutions to this crisis. We are putting that belief to work by setting the goal of spaying and neutering 1000 animals belonging to low income residents in our communities free of charge in 2013. The cost to do that is approximately $100,000.

The city of Houston MUST step up and follow suit of the all-volunteer animal welfare groups who are working day in and day out on the front lines of this problem in so many different areas of the city. Spay/Neuter and proper animal care education needs to be widely offered to these poverty-ridden communities. Plain & simple.

You may have absolutely no idea how dire the situation is, if you never venture out into the Fifth Ward, the Greater East End, Sunny Side, the Corridor of Cruelty, Acres Homes, etc.

Please watch this video for more insight into this heartbreaking problem in Houston:

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Thank you so much for your support! Please forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too or even start your own fundraising page for Unity!




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