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Jeremy Oury's Fundraising Page

Hi, Everyone
Well, the big event is upon us (or specifically, me.) I am days away from the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Gold Coast, Australia, an event I qualified for at the USAT National Championships earlier this year. A group of 200 American triathletes were selected to compete in the event against athletes from 60 other nations, in a format of swim (1.5 kilometers), bike (40 kilometers), and run (10 kilometers.) Racers compete within gender-specific, five-year age-group categories.
Ramey Kodadek, Development Director for Youth Homes Inc, along with staff members, has put together this web page, donation page, and blog for the race and our fundraising effort. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for Youth Homes, and our method is to reach as many of you as possible, and just ask for small amounts. Exposure for the race has been prominent, and you can check out articles that have appeared in local newspapers by clicking on the "related articles" button above or below.
I am not here in Australia to "win" anything, other than awareness and support for Youth Homes. I have not taken the competition lightly, but I am realistic about the fact that I am one of the slowest qualifiers on the US team, and am competing against 3000 or so of the best triathletes on the planet. My own age group should have 100 or so participants, and I have a modest goal of trying to be in the top half of that group at the finish. Some of you who know me and have watched me race know that I can usually place pretty highly in local (Montana) races, and I placed about 15th at nationals in order to gain the spot to compete at Worlds. This race is bound to be somewhat humbling, but I have put together a creative and efficient training program this summer to put myself in the best shape possible. I am not a sand-bagger, just pragmatic. I can also rise to the occasion once in a while. 
I guess there's always a chance for the school bus driver who is inadvertently invited to the Indy 500 to have a good day, but there's going to have to be some flat tires or a problem with sharks on the swim for me to move up much.
I promise to leave everything out on the scorching roads of Gold Coast. You won't have to wonder about my effort; putting on a TEAM USA uniform does strange things to a man. Pride, at least the patriotic kind, can be quite powerful.
I know this is particularly tough year to be asking for any sort of support, and I completely understand if you prefer to read about and "emotionally support" me on my endeavor. but if you have even five bucks to kick in, it will be put to very good use for the kids at Youth Homes. Now would be a good time for some of you to call me out, give me some incentive, maybe question my manhood in the form or wagers or by adding to your already-generous contribution. One donor has agreed to double his pledge if I crack the top 50; that's the kind of thing I'll think about as I'm chasing down Aussies, Germans, Mexicans, and the French. Oh yeah, the French are going down...
I have been doing a daily update on training, traveling, and the lead-up to the actual race via a blog, which will be added to every day up through the race date of September 12. You can follow the blog, and the race itself has a site listed above. Please pass the link on if you think someone might be interested in Youth Homes, triathlons, or just watching an old man suffer for a good purpose.
Thanks for your support,

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Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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Jeremy Oury's Fundraising Page
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