Polar Plunge 2011 - Indianapolis


Polar Plunge 2011 - Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana

Polar Plunge 2011 - Indianapolis

In 2007 we went to our first Polar Bear Plunge; I as a spectator, and Erin as a participant along with several members of her Special Education Department and other staff members from Center Grove Middle School Central.  The event was such a good time for such a great cause that I told Erin I'd join her in '08, and we've been going back every year since.

For those that have not been, it is a great time for participants and spectators alike.  Radio and TV stations are broadcasting live, music is playing, plungers and supporters are dancing, and everyone is having a lot of fun.  Hot chocolate keeps us warm as we await our turn (aaand maybe a little bit of Kahlua too...) :) and there is a costume contest every year with a lot of good/funny entries!  Then of course we have the plunge itself!  Yes, it's just as cold as you might imagine - literally taking your breath away as soon as you enter the frigid waters of Eagle Creek Reservoir.  Once in, you head out towards the firemen in their protective-thermal suits to give 'em all high-fives (and avoid their intentional splashes as best you can), then make your way back to shore.  It's over before you know it though and you're always glad you did it!  There is a luncheon that follows and prizes are awarded for the team and individual that raise the most funds.  Our fundraising efforts are to support Joe's Plunge Team and we've continued to top the 'team' list for several years thanks to all of you!

We appreciate you visiting our Fundraising Page.  Please know that donating through this site is totally secure.  Thanks again for your support -- and feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might also want to donate to the Special Olympics!  ...Oh, and one last thing - if you ever want to take the plunge yourself, we always welcome newcomers and would love to have you join us!

-Jeremy & Erin

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