Jerry Colonna's Fundraising Page


Jerry Colonna's Fundraising Page

Jerry Colonna's Fundraising Page

UPDATED MESSAGE: Thanks to all for giving. I'm completely floored by the response. I will raise my "match" by another $2500. Thank you so much.-Jerry

At 7:49 a.m. time on Wednesday, April 14th, a huge earthquake struck Yushu County in the Qinghai Province of China. Yushu is a predominately Tibetan area on the border of Qinghai, Sichuan, and the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The earthquake killed roughly 2,300 (official count) people; injured more than 10,000, and destroyed about 85 percent of the houses in Jiegu, a town of 100,000 people.

Almost immediately, the Tibetan Village Project, helped form the Yushu Earthquake Response (YER), a coalition of seven local NGOs and between April 16th and July 1st, TVP raised approximately $175,000 specifically for Yushu earthquake aid, which included: (1) helping to set up YER and relief centers in Yushu; (2) distributing supplies such as food, water, clothing, tents, and other basic staples; (3) supporting temporary relief workers and volunteers; and (4) helping to rebuild business communities.  I’m hoping to raise $15,000 to provide high quality tents that will last at least three years while homes are being rebuilt. 

TVP has discovered a tent factory in Chengdu that makes high quality tents for the Chinese military. The tents that TVP is buying are 22 square meters in size; made from canvas which is insulated with a cotton-like material; heavy enough to withstand rainstorms, snow and strong wind; and durable enough to last at least three years. These tents are ideal for families with children since they have space to store a few folding beds, a stove, and other necessities.

I’ll match each dollar contributed one for one up to an additional $15,000. Each tent costs $345; $30,000 will buy a lot of tents.

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Jerry Colonna's Fundraising Page
Distributing supplies after the quake.