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2012 Walk & Roll for Kids

Jesse Adams's Page

Vance is a 6 year old child whom I babysit for and is practically my own little brother. He has Cerebral Palsy that does limit him because he is unable to walk and talk, but his personality shines through every aspect of life and he certainly is an amazing little boy. So many take for granted the ability to communicate and move as they please, but Vance has no choice. He lives life to the fullest every single day, though. You will always catch him smiling and laughing at his movies and his entertaining family. He's truly a miracle child that has an attitude that impacts every single person he comes in contact with. This will be Vance's third walk and roll! The Walk and Roll helps kids like Vance get the therapy they need and helps them to make accomplishments they were never expected to achieve. The Kids Center does not turn away any child, whether they can financially support the treatment or not. They are truly there to help kids like Vance get the most out of life. By donating, you will not only be supporting Vance's team in the Walk and Roll, but you will also be supporting the KIDS Center, to help kids like Vance get the treatment that they need. No donation is too small! Just $20 dollars provides a child with one hour of treatment. Donating through this website is the best way to contribute to Vance’s fundraising efforts. Thanks so much for your support!!!



Help the Kids Center make sure NONE ARE TURNED AWAY! Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. I am raising money to help children with special needs at the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. They never turn a child away and because of that fall short about $700,000 per year, or $1,000 for each of the 700 children they help. Every $20 I raise helps provide one hour of "Kids Care" - that's an hour of therapy - speech, physical, or occupational therapy. It might be the hour a child learns to walk, starts to talk, or gains self-esteem and independence. It might be the hour that helps a parent look past the obstacles of that child to see their potential. Donating is easy, safe and secure. Please share this page with others you know. You can even create a page like mine and raise funds yourself. Thank you again for anything you can do to help these children.

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