Jordan's 2011 JettRide


Jordan's 2011 JettRide

Jordan's 2011 JettRide

How far would you go to help someone in need? I am willing to go 1,500 miles and I ask you to please sponsor me along this journey.

Many of you might remember, that in 2007, I rode 3,800 miles across the United States for Duchenne muscular dystrophy on JettRide 2007.  It was an experience that I will never forget and has impacted the last four years of my life in a very positive way, altering my future plans for the better.   Next year I will be going off to college; I want to spend my last summer doing something meaningful, by raising money and awareness for Duchenne.

This July, while most of my friends will be at the mall or the beach, I will be joining a group of young people who will proudly bike 1,500 miles across the country to help raise funds and awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a devastating, progressive neuromuscular disorder which robs those diagnosed of their independence and eventually their life.

This event is called JettRide 2011. From July 5th to August 5th, our team will bike through 8 states and numerous cities/towns. The ride will take off in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will end in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  Being in the Duchenne community for almost 10 years has allowed me the privilege of meeting many families affected by Duchenne; I am riding for ALL my friends who can't.  While there are many things I can't do to help these boys, riding 1,500 miles and raising national awareness is something I CAN do.

What is Duchenne? Duchenne is the most common lethal genetic disorder diagnosed during childhood today. It is a progressive neuromuscular disorder that causes loss of muscle function and independence. DMD affects approximately 1 in every 3,500 boys, or 20,000 babies born each year worldwide. Because the DMD gene is found on the X chromosome, the disorder manifests primarily in boys. DMD affects families of every race and culture. Regardless of family history, DMD can occur in any pregnancy. Random spontaneous genetic mutation is the cause of DMD in nearly 35% of families affected. No known effective treatment or cure currently exists for DMD.

What is the Jett Foundation? The Jett Foundation for Duchenne muscular dystrophy was founded in 2001 by Stephen and Christine McSherry, when their son, Jett McSherry, then 5 years old, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). The mission of the Jett Foundation is to improve the treatment, quality of life and long term outlook for all individuals affected by DMD through research advocacy, education and compassion. After nine years of steady progress in the fight against this dreadful disease, the Jett Foundation is known throughout the country as a leader, funding promising research and as a strong advocate in this battle.

Boys with Duchenne NEED and DESERVE a chance to live long enough for the cure.  All they need is our SUPPORT!!! Each mile will bring us closer to a treatment!!!

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. But if you'd rather send a check, please make it out to the Jett Foundation, with Jordan McSherry written clearly in the memo and mail to the Jett Foundation, 42 Elm Street, Suite 3, Kingston, MA 02364.


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