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A Matter of Honor

Jim Donahue's Fundraising Page

As children, most of us learned to pay our respects   When Old Glory passes by, we stand at attention. On Veteran’s Day, on Memorial Day and hopefully every day, when we see someone in uniform we pay our respects. 

Our pledge to the fallen: we will never forget. We will always honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of America.
In Washington D.C., cops have built a Memorial to fallen Law Enforcement Officers. We are now building a Museum where everyone can see just what it takes to protect the good people of this land and our way of life.
More than 18,000 cops have died protecting you, me and our families since the founding of our country. We must never forget.  
Equally important, we must pay our respects. We can do that by paying our fair share of the costs of having this great place. We can also do that by coming to the Memorial for Police Week and join with the thousands of cops who make that pilgrimage of respect and honor each year.
Paying your fair share is the American way. Will you join with me now to ensure that the Memorial and Museum survive for generations to come? Most of us wouldn’t think twice about spending $5 on a beer at the end of the shift. Can you send $5 each month to pay your respects to your fallen brothers and sisters? That adds up to $60 a year.
Your contribution can be automatically charged to your debit/credit card each month. It’s easy. You don’t have to do anything to make it happen. It will go on until you stop it.  You will officially be “On The Beat” for the Memorial and Museum.  To do that, simply click on this link: http://tinyurl.com/7ggkky
and complete the simple form.
Otherwise, a one-time donation can be made right here on the First Giving page.
Do it now.   It’s the American way.

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