New Service Dog Needed for Stacie

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New Service Dog Needed for Stacie

New Service Dog Needed for Stacie


I'm a service dog named Kira. A rather worried service dog. Thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page.

I'd like to tell you about my partner, Stacie, one of the kindest young women you could ever hope to meet. Born with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and a life threatening heart defect, she has been through many surgeries in her battle to survive. She has frequent attacks of a dangerous kind of cardiac arrhythmia that sometimes causes her to pass out.  The attacks trigger the defibrillator in her chest to send powerful electric shocks to her heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.  Further complicating her life is the fact that Stacie only has the use of one hand and a painful, inoperable problem with her spine.

Stacie refuses to let these hardships define her. She is determined to "make a difference" in the lives of others through volunteer work. I feel very privileged to have been her service dog over the years. Among other endeavors, I will never forget all the times I stood proudly at her side while she gave a speech to raise funds for Riley's Children's Hospital. Her very presence gives hope to many parents in the audience that their child might beat the odds, too.

Recently the veterinarian gave us bad news.  I've developed a problem with my knees that is not uncommon in older Labs.  Medication and surgery won't fix it, so immediate retirement is necessary. 

Stacie won't let me do any of the tasks that gave her so much independence such as wheelchair pulling, opening heavy commercial doors, carrying canvas sacks of groceries into the house, assisting her to load the washing machine, unload the dryer and much more.  She is worried my retirement will be painful rather than enjoyable if I continue to engage in any strenuous activities.

I'd feel a LOT better about this "just take it easy" business if Stacie could have a new service dog to assist her in public and at home with all the tasks I can no longer do for her.

Sterling Service Dogs always gives top priority to a graduate in urgent need of a successor dog. However this small program will have to raise at least $9500 to cover the steep costs involved for an out of state placement. 

So I'm asking for you to help my beloved Stacie. Your contribution to this emergency fundraising effort would mean the world to both of us.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure.

If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to Sterling Service Dogs, 3715 E. 15 Mile, Sterling Hts., MI, 48310. You can also visit the website at for more information about this pioneering nonprofit program.

Many thanks for considering this request. Perhaps you would be kind enough to forward this if you know someone else who may be willing to help Stacie get a new service dog.  Her mother passed away two years ago and her elderly father has developed serious cardiac problems, so Stacie's independent living challenges have never been greater. The gift of a highly trained service dog from caring  members of the community like you would make a remarkable difference in Stacie's quality of life.





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