Hugs for Humanity/NF Inc.


Hugs for Humanity/NF Inc.

Hugs for Humanity/NF Inc.

Hugs for Humanity

"HUGS FOR HUMANITY" is a cross country journey on foot via The American Discovery Trail to promote Healthy, Peaceful, Simple living. ONE MILLION HUGS-ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  The proceeds that I am raising benefit Neurofibromatosis Inc.

Take a Hike... for NF!"

I am hiking/hugging across America on The American Discovery Trail to raise support and awareness for NF.  (DE to CA in 2008)

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Besides donating on this page, here are other ways you can help us with Hugs for Humanity:              

1.  E-mail and talk to others.  Tell them about my hike, my web sites, and NF.  Word of mouth is amazing.  Even if you can't help directly, I guarantee you know someone that can! 

2.  If you or someone you know lives along our travel route, CONTACT me about setting up a Hug-a-Thon.  They are very simple and can be done at a church, a bar/restaurant, or in a public area!  We'd also appreciate any living room floor to crash on or shower/laundry facilities that we can use. 

4.  Join me for a day of hiking along the way or wave "hi".  I'd love to see you! 

5.  Hold a local fundraiser or ask people you know to donate in honor of my hike.  You can ask friends, family and co-workers to donate or you can set up a collection can on your desk at work.  I'll be on the trail for 8 months.  It'd be neat to see how much loose change can get collected over such a time period.








"Take a Hike... for NF" Expense Sponsors:

Merrell (

Coleman (

The Eby Family

John Eisenhart


Dick's Sporting Goods                          (Monroe St. Toledo store)

Chuck and Sheryl Ulmer

Tom and Marti Ryan

George and Barbara Harrington

Lynn Fruth, The Danberry Company Toledo, Ohio    

Kathy Williams, Williams Insurance  419-243-9665,

The Andersons

Omer Holman

Bob Okulski (and Sue)

Larry and Janet Ramsey

John and Linda Manth

Gerald and Kathleen Patterson

Proactive Solutions (Duncan Shaw)

Josh Howell (The Hugs for Humanity Guy:

Mike Haas

Kevin and Lori Ryan

Celeste Gettings

Sharon Loftspring

Barbara Bachar

Stephen and Marta Wallin

Publix Super Markets

Ken Kaighin

Kenny (my mailman!)

Carolyn Leonard

The BEST Care Package EVER from the Manth Family!      (Thank you Leah, Christopher, and Erin!)





Checks can be made out to: NF Inc (Please put Hike4NF in the memo area.)  

Checks can be mailed to:

Attn: John Everett 

Neurofibromatosis, Inc.

P.O. Box 18246

Minneapolis, MN 55418  

 Thank you for helping me "Take a hike... 4 NF"!

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Hugs for Humanity/NF Inc.
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