John Burns 2017 Ride for Pride Page


Ride For Pride 8

John Burns 2017 Ride for Pride Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!  On June 17th I will be riding in the Genessee Valley Gay Alliance’s “Ride for Pride” to raise money for the important work they do for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and queer people in this region.

The Reason

It has been 4 years since my last ride for this event, and while there has been tremendous recent progress, this new progress is under attack from those that don’t respect the dignity, humanity, and civil rights of the members of the gay community based on their own lack of understanding and tolerance.  Equal protection under the law in the areas of marriage equality, discrimination based on gender preference/identity, and even healthcare affordability (Refer to the proposed AHCA passed by the US Congress last week for explanation: transsexual and “sexual deviation” are both considered “preexisting conditions” and subject to higher premiums!) is sadly still a goal that is not secured for these people.

Closer to home, I have friends and loved ones in the gay community that have had difficulty with simply being open about who they are because of the stigma much of our society has placed on them.  The Gay Alliance reaches out to folks like this and provides support, reassurance, and community to them.  This is what we ride for…

The Ride

The ride takes place on June 17th and is 50 miles from the town of Fairport to Pultneyville and back.  Once again I will be riding it on the same sweet wide-tired mountain bike I used in 2013 (maybe someday I’ll admit to being decrepit enough to get myself some skinnier tires or a road bike to make it easier, but what purpose does making it easier serve? I need the workout!!). 

The Perks!

For every $25 you donate, you will be entered into a raffle for ½ day of semi-skilled (or unskilled) labor from yours truly, including but not limited to housework, yardwork, power-washing, handyman projects, and basic automotive or small-engine stuff.  If distance/scheduling makes this impractical, you can either donate my labor to a friend or relative who could better use it or opt for a cool $100 instead.  I’ll announce the winner of this perk in my after-event run-down via email and via facebook.

My birthday this year falls on the day of the ride, and I’ve decided I already have everything I could possibly need.  As a result, I’m hereby “donating my birthday” this year to the ride.  So if you were planning to get me a gift for my birthday, please make a donation in its place- it saves you some trouble figuring out what to get a guy who has everything and ensures your generosity is put to good use!

The Process

A direct donation to this secure fundraising page is as easy as clicking on the green “Donate” button above and following the simple instructions.  If you prefer to send a check in the mail or give it to me personally, my address is 241 Valley Rd, Rochester, NY 14618.  Thank you for reading this whole page (!!) and for your donation of any size!!



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