Ohio University Race for a Reason


Ohio University Race for a Reason

Ohio University Race for a Reason

Thank you for all visiting my fundraising page!

I am participating in this years Race for A Reason in Athens, Ohio, in honor of my mother who has battled Crohn's disease throughout her life.

I have personally seen her live with the disease during my life. I can tell when she has bad days and good days, but she never complains, or lets it bring her down. She's devoted her whole life to my brother, my sister and myself, and I finally wanted to do something for her. I hope by running the race, I can help create more awareness for Crohn's and raise money for future advancements in treatments.

I look most forward to finally doing something for her. She was always the one pushing me throughout school and I woild not be at Ohio University, as a Graduate Student, without her constant drive. I also look forward to making others aware of the disease. I did not know much about Crohn's before I read former Youngstown State University baseball coach, Mike Florak's, book; Healthier Than Normal.I think it is important for people to lean about Crohn's, because many people are suffering from the disease, even though they are living normal lifestyles.

I appreciate you taking time to read about a cause that is so important to me. Any donation amount will help towards my goal of $600!

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Ohio University Race for a Reason
My mother after YSU graduation