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2012 Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride

New Haven, Connecticut

John Levinson's Page


A special "Thank You!" to all my supporters. There are just 3 days until our bike ride on Saturday. It looks like it will be a perfect day weather-wise. And while I am more a runner than a cyclist, I just MUST do this event!

No shaved heads. No 6 months of training. No Race. Just some fun riding and a picnic to celebrate Earth Day and raise a little cash for a good cause.

It's a great opportunity for me to both help The Nature Conservancy in our home State (my favorite cause) and to ride with some great friends. We may have a few Southport additions to our team as well....If you want to join, tell me.

On April 21st in New Haven, CT, I'll be riding 23 miles in the Rock-to-Rock Earth Day Ride -- pedaling for "The Nature Conservancy Rocks" team. After the race, our team will be joining everyone for a Picnic for the Planet to celebrate Earth Day 2012.

Can YOU help out? You bet!! All donations for our cycling team go to The Nature Conservancy's Long Island Sound program. Even better, our Team Captain is matching all we raise upto $10,000, so your donation gets doubled! Special thanks to Todd!

And thank you for joining our team!

John Levinson
Southport, CT

P.S. For more information on The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut, visit or


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