McKenna's Fundraising Page


2009 Wisconsin Ride for Kids®

McKenna's Fundraising Page

Our website is now not accepting any more on-line donations for this year's ride effective 7/31/09 at 3:00pm.  Thanks to everyone involved in the Ride for Kids 2009!!!




Thank you for visiting our Personal Fundraising Page.  We are once again excited about participating in raising money for this great event.  McKenna is currently doing well after two brain tumor resections and 15 months of chemotherapy which she finished this past November.  McKenna continues to be monitored through quarterly MRI's and medical evaluations. Our hope is that McKenna will one day be tumor free and with the efforts from this organization, new technology can help in reaching this goal. 

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

We would like to acknowledge the following family and friends who have donated by check for the 2009 Ride for Kids

Eugene and Terry Goessl                              Doug and Shirley Emond

Bette Lee                                                           Ken and Karen Schultz

Elsie Cywinski                                                  Meredith Selden

Lee and Lori Bulman                                      James and Karen Gourlie

Earl and Bette Brouchoud                              Tracy Carviou and Cheryl Link 

Gail Carviou                                                       Glenn and Candy VandenHouten

Dale and Doreen Carviou                               Virginia Reignier

Tom and Nancy Carviou                                  Debra Spevacek

Tony and Jana VandenHouten                      Sandy Warpinsky

Susan P Pu Vialette                                         Genie Varney

Lynn Fiene                                                         Rosie Brooks

Jean Armstrong                                                Mark J. Schriedle

Sandy Morris                                                     Joyce Page

Todd Gates                                                       Nancy Gessert

Paula Christensen                                          Donna Bennett

Rosie Rocque and Connie                            Dave and Gerlynn Skubal

Jackie Puyleart                                                 Terry Goessl's friend Char

 Patricia McClelland                                        Clete and Nancy Puyleart

Judy and Joe Smits                                        Angel Parks friends

Dean Prust






This page is no longer accepting donations
McKenna's Fundraising Page
Hooray, chemo is history!