Stuff Christians Like: Building a Kindergarten

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Stuff Christians Like: Building a Kindergarten

Stuff Christians Like: Building a Kindergarten

Stuff Christians Like is raising $60,000 to build TWO kindergartens in Vietnam.



Hoang Then village in the Phong Tho district. Northwest section of Vietnam.


How will kids afford to go to school?

It’s free.

When do we hope to do this by?

We hope to raise the money by December 31, 2009.


What will this do for the community?

This will assist more than 200 children at the bottom of the social scale in Vietnam.  The educational programming will include things like hygiene, sanitation and nutrition. 


What’s the connection between this school and Jesus? 

The school is a platform where Vietnamese Christians live out their faith.  Samaritan’s Purse Vietnam staff will work with the kindergarten teachers. They provide the ancillary curriculum of hygiene, sanitation, gardening, etc. which helps create a platform to explain “Why we came” to the area.


What will the school be like?

There will be 6 general use rooms.


Why $30K? 

The number is built from known factors of previous construction experience in Vietnam and reflects things like the cost of building supplies, transportation, etc. The structures are generally simple block walls, cement floors and a metal roof.


What organization are you raising the money through? 

Samaritan’s Purse.


How much of the money will go to building the school? 

The $30,000 is the targeted need for construction. An additional 10% is needed to offset administration and fundraising costs for the project.


What happens to donated money if you don’t raise enough for the school?

The money will be retained in a designated account for school construction in Vietnam. It will be pooled with other funds and used to construct a facility when funds meet the required level. And if we raise more than needed, we’ll build a second kindergarten.

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