Ironman Zurich 2012


Ironman Zurich 2012

Ironman Zurich 2012

Earlier this year, my close friend Jesper was diagnosed with anal cancer. He successfully completed treatment and, with a new spring in his step, joined the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation as a board member. The organization, started by three siblings who lost their mother to anal cancer in 2010, is working to improve prevention methods and therapeutic treatments. To learn more about their pioneering initiatives, visit

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection and over half of the US population has been infected with the virus in their lifetime. HPV can be transmitted between partners, and can lead to cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancer in women, penile cancer in men and anal and head and neck cancers in both genders. Each year in the US, HPV is responsible for over 30,000 new cases of cancer.

In the last two years, two of my close friends died from cancer. Gary Kahn lost his battle with brain cancer a little over a year ago. Another dear friend Larry Kieves died from liver cancer six months after running the New York City Marathon.

I have witnessed their incredible courage, self-determination and endurance. Their desire to live is truly inspiring. Now I am rising to the challenge and am committed to playing my part to end cancer, but I need your help.

On July 15, I am participating in the Zurich Ironman triathlon comprised of a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike and full marathon (26.2 miles), which must be completed within 16 hours to be considered an official finisher. To prepare for the event, I am training 12 – 17 hours, including 130 – 170 miles of biking, a week.

Help me end HPV and the cancers it causes! Pick a dollar amount for a mileage pledge and multiply it by 140.7, the total miles in the race. For example, if you are sponsoring me at $25:

Swim: 2.5 x $25 = $63
Bike: 112 x $25 = $2,800
Run: 26.2 x $25 = $655
Total miles: 140.7
Total pledge: $3,518

Every dollar will be matched by a generous donation from Jesper's close friend. Thus, your $3,518 contribution will be doubled to $7,036, with the ultimate goal of raising $100,000 for the organization.

If your companies participate in matching gift programs, remember to notify them of your contribution as this will help us reach our goal faster!

Thank you for your support. Gotta get back to training!


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