Jonathan Palumbo's 2012 Boston Marathon Fundraising Page


Boston Marathon 2012

Training buddies Lauren Palumbo, Lynne Riquelme

Jonathan Palumbo's 2012 Boston Marathon Fundraising Page

Dear Family and Friends,

I have made the simultaneously crazy and exciting decision to run the 2012 Boston Marathon and I'm writing to ask for your support as I work to raise funds for Good Sports. I'm grateful to all of you who have been so supportive of my efforts to raise funds over my last two runnings of the Boston Half-Marathon and hope you will strongly consider donating to this extremely worthy cause. I'm also very happy to join my wife Lauren and sister-in-law Lynne in this fundraising effort and training for the race.
I am proud to support Good Sports and firmly believe they are a wonderful organization. Good Sports has two primary programs for which they rely on the kind donations of supporters:

Youth Sports and Fitness Program- Good Sports distributes sports equipment, footwear, and apparel to community organizations offering programs to disadvantaged youth helping to lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles. 


Community Health Program- In partnership with Community Health Centers, Good Sports provides necessary fitness equipment to children being treated in healthy weight, diabetes, or other obesity related medical programs.
As you know, I am incredibly passionate about education and about ensuring every child has access to the teaching and support they need - and deserve - to be successful and, as we know from research, a healthy child is much more likely to develop into a strong student with the ability and the energy to supply the effort to be fully engaged and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. You can learn more about Good Sports at
Additionally, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to run the Boston Marathon so I jumped at the opportunity to raise funds for this wonderful organization while fulfilling my dream.
Thank you for visiting my donation page and for considering a gift that is comfortable for you. My fundraising goal is $3,000 so any assistance you can provide is hugely appreciated. 
Finally, please come cheer us on! I've been to many races over the years and they are always a great time and a lot of fun.
Thank you so much for your consideration.
My very best,
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Jonathan Palumbo's 2012 Boston Marathon Fundraising Page
From the 2010 Boston Half-Marathon.