Jonathon Blackwell's Fundraising Page

Special Olympics Virginia

2010 Polar Plunge and Winter Festival

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Training buddies Chilly Willy The Penguin

Jonathon Blackwell's Fundraising Page


I started with the company back in 2006, and this is now going to be my fourth tour of duty doing the Polar Plunge.  I had never done much charity wise or in the community until I started with the gas company.  From then till now, I am thankful that I work at a company and with people who are involved in the community and place a priority on giving.  People often ask why I do the Polar Plunge, and the answer is, I believe in the importance of developing a sense of pride and accomplishment in those who don't have the advantages of being "normal" (if such a thing exists).  I believe in doing whatever it takes to bring attention to people who need a venue that helps them overcome adversity.  So to do that, I intend to plunge into the ocean, which will likely be frigid this year due to the early onset of cold weather, risk my health, scream and kick like a little girl, and flail in the water until I get back to dry land.  Please contribute to the Special Olympics; a lot of people will be very thankful for it.   

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Jonathon Blackwell's Fundraising Page
Polar (bear) Plunging Is the Coolest