Jonathan "J.J." Jones' Fundraising Page


Jonathan "J.J." Jones' Fundraising Page

Jonathan "J.J." Jones' Fundraising Page

Occupation:   WBIR Feature Reporter

Age:  34

What is your dance experience?  I was a gymnast for nine years - so not much.  I did do some swing dancing in high school and college, but that was awhile ago.

Why are you doing this event?  I love having the opportunity to help out anyone, especially kids in need.  Plus, my wife works for Children's Hospital so I was doing this whether I wanted to or not.

Why should people vote for you?  I'm a competitive guy.  I want my partner and I to do well so that the other dancers will have to work that much harder to beat us.  If that happens, then all of us will have an even bigger impact on everyone in need at Children's Hospital.

Anything else you would like to add?  I'm looking forward to witnessing first-hand how great the Volunteer State is at taking care of its own.  Go Vols, Go Children's Hospital, Go America!


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Jonathan "J.J." Jones' Fundraising Page
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