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Mayor McStache

Planet Earth, 

Joseph Graham's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

After an embarssing attempt to run 3 miles of a marathon almost 2 years ago I figured I would go the easy route an grow a mustache instead.  Yes, I'm growng a mustache to help save kids with cancer.  Here is the deal:

From Jan 1 until March 5th I have to work on growing my mustache.  I created this campaign page soliciting your support and on St. Patty's day the candidate who has raised the most money is crowned Mayor McStache.  

I am currently growing a full bread to leave all options open on the type of musache I'lll attempt.  Should I go with a handlebar, walrus, hourseshoe, pencil, Adams family, toothbrush, or something else?  As you make a donation leave a comment with a style and I'll go with whatever style raises the most.

Thanks for you support,



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