Joshua B's Beggin' for Dollars 2011 (South. Tier AIDS Prog)


AIDS Walk/Run 2011

Binghamton, New York
Training buddies Michael Grasso, Red Bull, and Vodka

Joshua B's Beggin' for Dollars 2011 (South. Tier AIDS Prog)


So I raised a bunch of bucks last year for a great cause and now I wanna do it again.

Here's the thing:
I ONLY DO THIS ONCE A YEAR. I try to avoid buggin' my friends and family the rest of the year for $$ so I can harass you mercilesly for this one cause.

EVERY DOLLAR HELPS. ($100 really helps.) However little (or much) you can afford to give will make a difference.

State budgets tighten up, and we rely more and more on development dollars--(me begging for your money.)

- If I raise $1000, I will cover Rebecca Black's Friday on YouTube.
- If I raise $2000, I will dress like Rebecca Black and Paul R will be delighted to photograph me.
- If I raise $3000, I will sing Rebecca Black's Friday live at the AIDS Walk
- If I raise $100,000, I will undergo a surgical procedure to become Rebecca Black.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm probably lying. Especially about that last bit.

That is all.

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