Laura's March 2011


Laura’s March 2011

Burlington, Vermont
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Laura's March 2011

Hello Everyone,

     I am trying to raise money for a charity in honor of my friend Laura Winterbottom. (She went to Byram Hills H.S.) She was brutally murdered 6 years ago by a repeat sex offender.   I am walking to raise awareness and end violence agaist women.
Thanks everyone!

This is something I wrote a couple of years back....

Laura Winterbottom 2005--6 Years gone

Her Laugh, Her Smile 
6 years have gone by now.  6 years of not seeing my friend, not hearing her voice, not seeing her smile.  Not being a part of a silly prank we used to pull off.  No talks of our future,  our past....Laura.  I miss you.

I don't know what to write.  All of my emotions are in a big tangled ball of yarn.  I want to be selfish and ask god why he had to take one of my best friends from me.  Why he had to take her from the family that loved her so very much, why take her from a world that so obviously needed her here.  Why?

The only answer I have is that she was an Angel.  She was the most pure of heart.  She was giving and kind and never mean, not even to people that might have treated her so.

She is the closest thing to a perfect individual that I have ever know.  I feel like sometimes she is looking after me and my kids.  She pops into my head at strange times and I am happy for it.  She comforts me went I am in stress. 

One thing that is bothering me is that...I can never see or hear her laughter again.  One listen to that laugh of hers was enough to get everyone going.  I go to sleep with her in my prayers and wake with them too.  She was one of a kind and no one will every fill her shoes.

Laura.....I love you and miss you so very much.  You have mad a big difference in my life and I thank you from that bottom of my heart.  


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