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joyce moyer's Fundraising Page


She had her surgery onTuesday.  Her eye surgery went well and she is now home with her foster mom recovery.  She is doing great.  God Bless all of YOU that helped Nennee.  She is truly special and so are you!!!

Nennee's Christmas Wish

Nennee was brought to Gloucester County Animal Shelter as a 4 week old kitten with an eye disorder. I was asked if I would foster her until she was better.   It appeared she had horrible conjunctivitis and she was found to have no eye lids.  Beneath her upper eye coverings is fur causing the third lid to pull up protecting her eyes.  Her right eye is worse than her left.  Nennee was then accepted into Joa's Arc,  our newly formed group that helps shelter animals with special needs.  Jen Wesh, Jen Smith and myself formed this group to help raise funds for special need shelter animals that sometimes would be overlooked due to the cost to fix them. Shelters cannot be expected to find funds for special need animals since they are overwhelmed and they don't have the financial ability to care for them.  Joa's Arc's goal is to get them the care they need so they can be adopted.  We feel they all deserve a chance.  Joa's Arc is an auxiliary group of Save The Animals Foundation, Inc ( and we believe that if we all work together we can make a better life for all the animals. 

Nennee's Story.  She will require several surgeries to correct her eyelid deformities. Her right eye is worse than her left eye and her vision is impaired due to this condition.  This condition is correctable with surgeries, St. Patty is with Jen Smith and she had the same condition and it was corrected.  St. Patty is living a full happy life. Nennee tries real hard to look around like a normal kitten, but her  eyes prevent that because of their deformity. Weepy eyes or not, she's still so darn adorable.  But like most kittens, she is a brat.  Vision problems do not stop her from doing a mouth dive into anyones mouth who is trying to eat.  She will fight you for any morsel of food.  She also like to tease her foster mom's daughter, Hailey, who will be sitting nicely on the couch and Nennee will run along the top of the couch and whack Hailey in the head if she is not getting the attention she wants.  Yes I was fostering Nennee until Jen Smith babysat her for me then she and Hailey begged to foster her, Hailey and Nennee formed a bond and I just couldn't say no.  She wrestles hard (even with bigger kittens), she is like a shadow, following around the people she loves.  Nennee is also a big talker - screamer too if she's not getting what she wants. We thank Gloucester County Animal Shelter for contacting us to help, Nennee deserves to be helped, she is quite unique and once we have the finances to help her, we will move on to the next one, trust me there are several waiting for our help.  Please help us reach our goal for Nennee.  We understand that times are tough but we don't want to turn our backs on these special animals that need our help. 

Nennee is now 10 weeks old and is adoptable.  Joa's Arc will cover the costs of her future surgeries even if she is in a loving, forever home.  So please contact Gloucester County Animal Shelter if you are interested in adopting our sweet Nennee. 

Joa's Arc is run by all volunteers, all money raised goes directly toward their care.

Nennee will be visiting Santa at the Deptford Petsmart behind Chili's on Saturday December 19, 2009 at 11:00 am. Watch out Santa, here she comes!!

Checks can be mailed to:

Joa's Arc

PO Box 243

Audubon, NJ  08106

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