JR runs for MR!

Martin Richard Foundation

Team MR8 Boston Marathon 2014

Boston, Massachusetts

JR runs for MR!

Hi everybody—much thanks for visiting this page. My selection as an inaugural member of Team MR8 is certainly an immeasurable honor & privilege. Although I never had the blessed fortune to know Martin personally, I am confident that all of us witnessed his warm candor & sincere kindness throughout this past year. 


His resilient family has created The Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation, Inc.—aimed at honoring Martin's message of, "No more hurting people - peace" by investing in education, athletics, and community. 

Martin displayed a genuine passion for running at such a young age, and I truly believe running can be an integral component in many more children’s lives—if presented with opportunity. Improving educational & athletic direction in today’s youth—creates the foundation of productive community members for years to come. Through Team MR8—I earnestly hope to assist the spreading of Martin’s selfless nature, by completing the 118th running of the greatest marathon ever.

Your donations are kindly appreciated. Please don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might also want to donate! Lastly, race day is 4/21/14, please come out!


Aim high,



The Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Boston, MA | EIN: 35-2491826)


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