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2016 Isabella's Dream Team

Julie Smith's Page

I am excited to support the Isabella Santos Foundation (ISF) for my 3rd season with "The Dream Team" to conquer another 13.1 miles this fall. Isabella passed away from neuroblastoma four years ago, but has made a lasting impact in Charlotte and beyond with her dream of "No More Cancer."

My goal is raise $1,000. Will you help me reach that goal by making a donation today? It's easy to do, simply click the green "Donate" button!

I never had the chance to meet Isabella, but from all the stories, memories shared, videos and photographs, I know that she made an impact for those around her and I want to honor her memory and continue to make an impact. I don't want any other child or person to have to suffer or leave the earth too quickly because of a disease like cancer. 

Last Year's Dream Team raised more than $100,000, which is amazing, but there is still a need to help fund research to find a cure. 

Earlier this year, ISF was able to fund a trial for Dr. Sholler at the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital through the The Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC) which brings trials to over 25 hospital locations including Levine Children's Hospital. This trial hopes to prevent relapse for kids with NB which is HUGE! (Relapsed NB is crazy hard to cure). 


Thank you for your generosity and support. 


About the Isabella Santos Foundation
The mission of ISF is to raise money and awareness for neuroblastoma research in the hopes of one day finding a cure. Isabella was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and passed away after battling the disease for 5 years in 2012. Isabella dreamed of a world with "No More Cancer" and the Foundation continues in her name, hoping another child will be saved through funds raised in her memory.

About Neuroblastoma
Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer of the sympathetic nervous system – a nerve network that carries messages from the brain throughout the body.  It is usually found in young children and is the most common cancer among infants. Neuroblastoma has one of the lowest survival rates of all pediatric cancers and accounts for 15% of all pediatric cancer deaths.

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