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Ramah Hikes the Negev 2013


Julie Auerbach's Page

I, Julie Auerbach, am on one heck of a journey.  I am currently living in Shlomi, Israel; a city with 6,000 people, in the most Northern Part of Israel, (Lebanon is literally in my backyard).  I am volunteering here until February of 2013, and will then be hiking my way around Israel.  I recently found out about the Ramah Israel Hiking Trip, a hiking trip raising money to support the Ramah Special Needs Programs.  Since Ramah is such an important part of my life, I decided I would love to help give back, by hiking for this beautiful program.

I have never fundraised before, primarily because I have not felt a personal connection to a cause which has personally affected me.  The Special Needs Program at Camp Ramah, builds relationships at camp, that cannot be built, anywhere else in the world.  I remember having a "buddy" from Tikvah (the children with special needs), when I was a camper, and having a "buddy" from Ezra (adults with Special Needs), when I was a counserlor.  My buddies helped me notice the smaller more special moments in life.  I remember as an adult, after my hair had all fallen out, I had not been back to camp.  I was living in California at the time and Camp was in session.  Ezra was on a field trip, eating pizza at a kosher pizza shop in Los Angeles, and I had not seen any of my Ezra friends since the prior summer.  I was worried about the comments they would make about my hair, and did not know how they would respond.  Considering everyone else I encountered in LA, stared at me or even pointed, there were times when I felt judged, to say the least.  Well, when I went to visit Ezra for pizza, right away, they made a joke about me getting the worst haircut in the world.  I proceeded to tell them I lost all of my hair, and their judgements quickly turned into love.  This, in short, is the biggest lesson I learned from everyone in Ezra.  Treat everyone around you with love, no matter what.

So, I now come to you, asking you for help, in raising money to support the Special Needs Program at Camp Ramah.  If this program continues to grow, then the love in the world will be more easily accessible.  Please, help me, pay it forward.

Additionally, feel free to check out my personal blog, www.ladyrawraw.com, filled with my current adventures in Israel, and some healthy food recipes!  I am here, to help you, feel your best!

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.  Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

With gratitude, love, and light,



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