2012 Bristol Half Marathon


2012 Bristol Half Marathon

2012 Bristol Half Marathon

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

As you may know, I've been running for many years. Now I am starting to make these runs count for something more than the simple joy of running and personal satisfaction of finishing. In May I rased around £110 ($175) for COCO (Comrades of Children Overseas), an official charity for the Bristol 10k (photo on right by Emily Rhodes).

Now I am running about twice as far and aiming to raise over 5 times as much for Buddhist Global Relief.

You can help by making a donation (no amount is too small) and by spreading the word however you can (email, blog, facebook, twitter, etc). You can keep track of how it's going here and at my blog http://www.patheos.com/blogs/americanbuddhist/, where I will also be engaging in the larger conversation recently prompted by a blogger-friend, Firehorse: 

"As Buddhists and dhamma practitioners, I would love to see us having more conversations about what compassion and social change actually look like: locally, on the ground, in practice."

Thanks for your support. - Justin Whitaker

From the BGR website:

The most tangible expression of our sense of human solidarity is the act of giving. Through giving, we break down the psychological barriers that separate us from others and affirm our fundamental unity. Through giving, we let the water of compassion flow through our own hearts and into the hearts of others. The practice of generosity ennobles and dignifies our character; at the same time, it helps those in need find a base of security that will support their efforts to provide for themselves and their families. Most importantly, giving demonstrates to others that they do not walk alone; that there are people far away, never seen by them, who care for them and share their suffering; that there are those who earnestly wish to help.

With such thoughts, we invite everyone who empathizes with our mission to contribute to our work by making a donation. A large number of small gifts can combine to create a mass of funds that can be fruitfully used to aid those in need. The Buddha said that to give food is to give the recipients life, health, beauty, happiness, and mental clarity. By giving these, the donor in turn acquires a store of merit, of wholesome karma, that will eventually ripen in these five benefits.

Buddhist Global Relief is a 501(c) (3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

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